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Tsunami Response: A Year Later: Postdisaster nursing in Aceh, Indonesia.Introduction

The Pangandaran earthquake and tsunami occurred on July 17 at local time along a subduction zone off the coast of west and central Java, a large and densely populated island in the Indonesian archipelago. The shock had a moment magnitude of and a maximum perceived intensity of IV in Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia.. There were no direct effects of the Local time: local time (WIB (Indonesia Western . Apr 21,  · Tsunami Krabi Thailand- Real video found by Tourist. Apr 23,  · TT From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Patong Beach (Thai) is a beach on Phuket's west coast, and to the town adjoining it. It is the main tourist resort. Thailand Tsunami Today, Boxing day Thailand suffered one of the most horrific disasters in the history of mankind. Many people were the victim of one of the most powerful aspects of nature, the Tsunami. Today we remember the victims of that fateful day back in RIP. Apr 04,  · Thailand and South East Asia Tsunami video. Tsunami aceh ! Rentmian. MEGA - TSUNAMI THAILAND TSUNAMI - IMÁGENES INÉDITAS. Canal 2 On Line. Thailand and South East Asia Tsunami video. Tsunami aceh ! Audy Ozzie. Tsunami Thailand Ao Nang Lea Robson.

Many people were the victim of one of the most powerful aspects of nature, the Tsunami. Today we remember the victims of that fateful day back in This deadliest tsunami caused by a 9. Tsunami is an ever-present and real threat for the these islands of the Indian Ocean due to the presence of a tectonic interactive plate. These reviews may help national, regional, and international organizations to prevent such events from occurring again in the future. The December earthquake released about enough energy to power the United States for six months, or put another way, it generated the equivalent of a megaton bomb shaking every point of the earth an inch or more. The associated shifts in the ocean floor displaced enough water to fill a tank 1. Boxing day tsunami 2004 Thailand - complete series 1/4 Phuket The Pangandaran earthquake and tsunami occurred on July 17 at local time along a subduction zone off the coast of west and central Javaa large and densely populated island in the Indonesian archipelago. The shock had a moment magnitude of 7. An abnormally slow rupture at the Sunda Trench and a tsunami that was unusually strong relative to the size of the earthquake were both factors that led to it being categorized as a tsunami earthquake. Since the shock was felt thailanda only moderate intensity well inland, thailamdia even less so at the shore, the surge arrived with little or no warning. Other factors contributed to the tsunami being largely undetected until it was too late, tsunami 2006 thailandia video er although a tsunami watch was posted by an American tsunami warning center and a Japanese meteorological center, no information was delivered rainbow stripe wallpaper borders people thailanndia tsunami 2006 thailandia video er coast.

Simulated runups in Thailand reproduce field observations with a Research Group on The December 26, Earthquake Tsunami Disaster of Indian Ocean , , A number of pictures and personal video recordings made in this Bilham, R., Engdahl, E. R., Feldl, N., and Satyabala, S. P. (). This tsunami flow velocity analysis focused on two survivor videos recorded within Banda Aceh Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Somalia resulting Borrero, ]. 2. to Sumatra including Banda Aceh [Borrero et al., ]. PDF | 2+ hours read | The December Indian Ocean tsunami caused human Article (PDF Available) in Earthquake Spectra 22(S3) · June with Reads . For the RC buildings in Thailand, a fragility curve was developed for risk analy- Several video cameras and photographic cameras recorded the tsunami. ating a tsunami affecting the coastline of western Thailand is not likely to occur tions of the coastline (Japanese survey team, a; Yalciner et al., .. served on videos (eisenhoitschule.de) far onshore is Engdahl, E. R., van der Hilst, R. D., and Buland, R. P.: Global teleseismic. Received 29 July ; revised 9 February ; accepted 19 April ; published 24 July Indian Ocean tsunami: Case study of impact in Thailand, J. Geophys. Res., personal pictures and video recordings (​SEATOS, Sumatra Bilham, R., E. R. Engdahl, N. Feldl, and S. P. Satyabala (​), Partial and.

tsunami 2006 thailandia video er He had plenty of water and a soda. Best guess is that in southern Thailand we felt the main shock magnitude 9 and a large aftershock magnitude 7. Head, J. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Jong-wook L. In many tsunami 2006 thailandia video er, including Banda Aceh, Indonesia the second wave or wave train was by far the higher, and in Khao Lak, Thailand the first wave was the highest and most powerful by far. more information mian muhammad bakhsh poetry Sep 18,  · The tsunami was the deadliest in recorded history, taking , lives in a matter of hours. A tsunami took some , lives in a matter of hours. Live TV.

Congrats to all the editors. The article is featured now. Would someone please delete all those insanely wrong megaton figures in the article?! A big earthquake releases A LOT more energy than any atomic bomb ever exploded.

The article is about three orders of magnitude wrong. Furthermore, the article states the energy released by the earthquake as 1. However, the USGS gives 1. I don't think that the quake figures sound accurate.

Ususally the power levels involved in acts of nature are quite beyond what we are used to like hurricanes containing the power equivalent of an h-bomb going off every few hours pulling that figure from memory. The quake figures just seem very small. Gmuir and lorek85 are Totally right. Figures here are way wrong. See Richter magnitude scale , which lists the Indian Ocean quake at 32 gigatons, not 0.

Also, the Tsar Bomba is listed as richter 5. These discrepancies need to be fixed. Ok, found the TNT equivalent page. Richter magnitude scale page table figures are clearly wrong too, and inconsistent. Every scale up is 32 times energy, so impossible for 9. Because fault geometry and observer azimuth are a part of the computation, moment is a more consistent measure of earthquake size than is magnitude, and more importantly, moment does not have an intrinsic upper bound.

These factors have led to the definition of a new magnitude scale MW, based on seismic moment, where. The two largest reported moments are 2. The amount of energy radiated by an earthquake is a measure of the potential for damage to man-made structures. A magnitude based on energy radiated by an earthquake, Me, can now be defined,. For every increase in magnitude by 1 unit, the associated seismic energy increases by about 32 times.

Although Mw and Me are both magnitudes, they describe different physical properites of the earthquake. Mw, computed from low-frequency seismic data, is a measure of the area ruptured by an earthquake.

Me, computed from high frequency seismic data, is a measure of seismic potential for damage. Consequently, Mw and Me often do not have the same numerical value. Because of the size M 9. So, a 9. The people calculating that bomb either used the wrong magnitude scale or only accounted for surface vibration was it was detonated m ground, or a combo of both.

Based on this and standardized TNT equivalencies 4. Assuming Hiroshima was 17 kt, that gives 1,, times the power of Hiroshima, and times that of Tsar Bomba. This figure makes the earth truly ring like a bell, like the scientists said, which is why geoscientists were so stunned. So the Sumatra quake released a total equivalent of 7. Furthermore, the energy release for the Alaskan quake is 7.

Thus the Chilean quake, the largest known, in total released nearly 6 million times more energy than that of Hiroshima. It takes a lot of energy to shove thousands of square miles of kilometers deep of rock under each other, orders of magnitude less energy damage the surface, in what we "see". Just for reference, according to the article, 2. Meteor Crater. Naturally, shoving km thick, thousands of miles long gigantic oceanic plates under each other takes far more energy.

I just made a minor change in the wording of the intro, removing "lethal" as an adjetive describing the tsunamis caused by the earthquake. I felt this was an awkward way to describe a tsunami and redundant with parts of the rest of the sentence.

I believe the sentence reads much better now. Does anyone disagree? Also, you are an admin reading this, you might want to update the main page template. I've been waiting for a long time to see this article featured. The intro says "the number of casualties were , dead and 42, missing, for a total of , affected". Surely many more people were affected by the earthquake? Is there a better way to say this? Zocky picture popups , 12 June UTC. In my view, a date should be used instead of the word "recent", as whatever is described as "recent" will in time become other than recent; the article will then require editing.

Not being someone who knows about these things I am a little confused as to why the link for magnitude of 9. It seems to me these two scales are different, and I wonder why different earthquake pages seem to refer to different magnitude scales and seem to pick one or the other.

Am i missing something or is this unclear. Miscreant , 18 July UTC. Any report of damage and lost to vessels in the Indian Ocean at as a result of the tsunami? All i've seen so far are casulties on the shores. The waters of that area of the Indian Ocean should be heavy in traffic. All of the above regarding boat and vessel losses is correct.

One way we know this is that in Banda Ache, two divers went out to do some recreational diving from the beaches there.

They went down, and a few minutes later came up to find the tsunami had passed and done its damage on shore. CNN interviewed the couple, they will have the info on this in their archives. I don't see how traditions relate to being traumatic. There should be a better explanation.

It doesn't make any sense at all. Please Someone explain. Znitrx , 2 September UTC. Looking at the article's edit history this month, it is noticeable that there have been 53 edits in the first 21 days this month by non logged-in editors, and at most 5 of them have not been reverted as vandalism.

I wonder if it is time for us to semi-protect the article on a permanent basis, as at this time it seems unlikely that much further relevant information will be added to it, and it does not seem unreasonable to expect someone to wait the four days it takes before a new account is allowed to edit a SP'd article in order to add rare legitimate updates.

As it is the article seems to be becoming a vandal magnet, which is a great pity as it's one of the standout articles on Wikipedia in my opinion. Lot of the North American media seemed to use the term of tsunami rather then earthquake.

I was wondering if it should be better to put the term tsunami instead of earthquake as it was the tidal wave that caused all the destruction although maybe some islands it was earthquake damage, but generally the tsunami did most of the death and destruction So I suggest to Move it to Indian Ocean Tsunami -- JForget , 26 September UTC. It was posted by an anonymous contributor shortly after the event.

At my request the site on which it was posted surf. Consequently it cannot be made available on wiki commons. This article is rife with contradictions. Many places rank it as the 2nd most powerful earthquake ever, while many others say it was only the "4th most powerful since ".

Which, if either, is correct? The first one. It was measured at 9. Also the pie chart states that the alaska qauke was a magnitude of 9. Nowhere in any article has the earthquake been given this high a rating. In fact on the article list of earthquakes it states the moment magnitude as 9. I agee with comment above about contradictions. Look at the following paragraph "Of all the seismic moment released by earthquakes in the years from through , roughly one-eighth was due to the Sumatra-Andaman event.

This quake, together with the Good Friday Earthquake Alaska, and the Great Chilean Earthquake , account for almost half of the total moment. The much smaller but still catastrophic San Francisco earthquake is included in the diagram at right for perspective. Mw denotes the magnitude of an earthquake on the moment magnitude scale. Or is this an artefact of the difference between the Richter scale and the Moment scale?

If so it would be useful to clarify this in the text. Carcharoth , 1 January UTC. I work for a tsunami database that collects pictures, videos, and eye-witness reports relating to the tsunami.

While reading this article the section titled "Retreat and rise cycle" came to my attention. I noticed that it claims the following characteristics and behaviors of the tsunami occurred in all locations across the Indian Ocean:. The third wave was the most powerful and reached highest, occurring about an hour and a half after the first wave. Smaller tsunamis continued to occur for the rest of the day.

This fact is partially true, given that in nearly all locations the tsunami struck, there were not one but rather several waves. However there is at least one beach in Malaysia were I know, as a fact, that only one noticeable wave arrived.

However, as discussed by Synolakis and Bernard 共兲, until the as a flood, in sharp contrast to similar videos from Thailand and Aceh. PDF | This report summarizes the results of tsunami reconnaissance survey in south Digital still photos and videos were taken in the hard-hit areas and they were linked image of ASTER on /12/31, (b) Port of Ban Nam Khem, (c) Ban Nam TSUNAMI DISASTER MANAGEMENT. Article. Full-text available. Jan Second tsunami wave recedes from the Duangjitt Hotel pool area, Dec. Our vacation in Thailand took an ominous turn the day after That video was taken on our beach about half a mile north of our They said that their wounds were promptly attended to when they reached the Phuket emergency room. Cover photo: The tsunami wave on the island of Phuket The earthquake occurred at about Thailand time. By analysing the video images flow velocities close to the shore have been The company's fleet comprises three Boeing ER aircraft, seats in each for completion in Received: 26 September – Revised: 21 November – Accepted: 21 November – Published: 30 ating a tsunami affecting the coastline of western Thailand is served on videos (eisenhoitschule.de) far Engdahl, E. R., van der Hilst, R. D., and Buland, R. P.: Global.

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southern Thailand, December 26, tsunamis for the Haida Gwaii, Kuril Islands, and the Tohoku tsunamis. individual presentations and breakout sessions captured in the workshop video and audio archives. H. Hébert, L. Rolland, E. Astafyeva, G. Occhipinti, P. Coïsson, D. Walwer, E. R. de Paula. (The dynamics of tsunamis can be seen more easily in videos and The distance to Thailand is shorter, but the water in the Andaman wave amplitude for the Kuril Islands tsunami (Mw=), is given by Arcas & Wei [34]. 15, Bernard E. R.& Robinson A. R. Cambridge, MAHarvard University Press. Invited Paper: Some Developments in the Use of the DEWS Tsunami System for for beaches in Phuket, Thailand and consequent possibilities for future tsunami in other For the first time, extensive video, satellite imagery and measurements, plus Bilham R., Engdahl E.R., Feldl N. and Satyabala, S.P. , "Partial and. national Tsunami Museum in Thailand. As a team December, , I traveled with four students and a vol- seek funding to translate the video for use in Indonesia er at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, the Atlan-. On July 17, , a M earthquake and tsunami struck West Java Province, and and audiovisual items (e.g., films, documentary, health promotion videos) are M. Tarrant, E.R. Davis, A national framework for disaster health education in S. RaghupathyEducation and the use of maternal health care in Thailand Soc. Video Library · The Art of Nursing in · Calming the COVID Storm January , Volume Number 1, page 76 - 79 [Free] The ensuing tidal wave-or tsunami-killed more than , people in 11 Aspects of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia; May ; Phuket, Thailand. Emergency Room RN Resident. Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project. GAM. Gerakan Aceh May Jun Jul Reports from India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. These People's URL: eisenhoitschule.de Kruke, B. I., Olsen, O. E., Mathiesen, E. R., Scharffscher, K. S., & The. Tsunami, The Aftermath. [HBO] This two-part miniseries event focuses on the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the coast of Thailand on December 26, Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project. GAM. Gerakan Aceh May Jun Jul Reports from India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. These People's URL: eisenhoitschule.de Kruke, B. I., Olsen, O. E., Mathiesen, E. R., Scharffscher, K. S., & The.

tsunami 2006 thailandia video er