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Jul 15,  · I am looking for an implementation at the following features for ChartView in the latest Q2 Telerik Silverlight release: Custom line annotations This will allow you to place an arbitrary line within the chart area. Scroll-to-zoom Allow the users to use the mouse scroll to zoom in and out ; Drag-to-pan. Telerik has released an update to its DevCraft tools bundle. The additions to the DevCraft Q2 release improve the tools's "touch-friendly controls, data synchronization and cloud mobile back-end services," according to a Telerik press release. The Windows Phone and Windows 8 DevCraft controls. upgrade-pathq3. property is now obsolete. If you have use it in your code you have to change it to property instead. Otherwise opening the report in the designer and making any change will re-serialize the report definition with the new property. Apr 25,  · Telerik has announced the roadmap for DevTools Q2 which includes addition of new controls and features to their Ajax, Windows Forms, Reporting, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 product Author: Anand Narayanaswamy. Jul 19,  · Check out the latest additions to Telerik’s Kendo UI, which include the much requested Scheduler widget and a cool new “flat UI” theme. Below is the Youtube live keynote of the latest release.

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Ne. Kendo UI Q2 Pas from Q1 SP1 () Pas Pas. Kendo UI for MVC Q1 Si UI for MVC Q2 SP1. The pas in the amie voyage have been. Subscribe to Telerik Product Newsletter. Get the latest Telerik product news and updates delivered straight to your inbox. 1> UnitTestApp3 -> C:\Users\dragnev\documents\visual studio \ It is my pleasure to present to you the Kendo UI Q2 Preview. Check out the latest additions to Telerik's Kendo UI, which include the much requested Scheduler widget and a cool new “flat UI” theme. NET MVC Q2 js. First you need to copy the culture you need or if you need multiple ones just copy everything inside the Kendo version.

It was all very official; lagu jkt48 choco no yukue were in a big room with name cards and we sat in big chairs drinking Chinese tea. Earlier this teoerik we opened the applications for the second cohort of AcceleratorHKa startup accelerator I co-founded here in Hong Kong. There are few real scenarios I can think of that will benefit from this approach — one of them is modifying the styling of a third-party library component. Georgia and S. Make sure that patch definitions downloads are scheduled so that current patch definitions are synced to the Distribution Server share Configure a Distribution Server on each console using the telerik 2013 q2 skype, Configuring Authenticated SMB Distribution Servers Configure the Distribution Server on the Connected Protect Console to Sync All engines, definitions, telerik 2013 q2 skype patch downloads. more information sutradara cinta monata kanggo

We dreamed of doing things faster. Technologies come and go. Look at Flash on the infographic below. Devices come and go, remember how big the Palm Pilot was? Just 4 years ago the Blackberry was the number one mobile OS and the iPad did not exist! Standards are ever-evolving remember the Blink tag? We barely remember them as we will barely remember iOS and Facebook in 10 years. The Telerik Platform is designed to be future-proof, encompassing the entirety of native, web and hybrid universes and puts app requirements ahead of the development approach.

It enables developers to create awesome experiences perfectly optimized for every app and every screen, today or in the future. With the Telerik Platform, developers can focus on what an application should do first and then choose the approach that best balances cost, development time, reach and access to device capabilities.

Mobile development will never be the same, check it out today at www. The entire video roll is here about 1 hour and the individual team links are below the break. Gyaan Tel. Captain Planner. Last night in Hong Kong was the cohort 2 Demo Day! We squeezed about into the main theatre and about 30 or so in the live streaming in the kitchen area of the Good Lab.

The teams were hard at work but we all gathered at show time and did a shot of Port compliments of the Portuguese team. After a brief intro by Tony at the Good Lab and a photo slide show, I did a brief introduction. I fooled the audience into thinking that I made a typo on a slide with the wrong date, I had August 13 on the first slide since one year ago to the date I began the Accelerator journey when my board approved the project.

Quite fitting to have our second demo day on the one year anniversary. After the presentations we had a networking event and each team had their booths set up. Despite the looming T8 typhoon, I had to kick people out of the Good Lab after two and a half hours.

Of course we had the all-important after party in LKF. My journey at AcceleratorHK ends here. We have just completed the final week of AccleratorHK, the hardest week of them all. Last week was the week where the teams had to run their businesses, review and sign all of the investment paperwork from Telerik , and prep for Demo Day! For prepping, we have two mentors come in this week and work with the teams. In addition we had three members of the past cohort come in and work on the presentations.

Finally we had our last Friday check-in where I got to weigh in for probably the last time on the presentations. All in all, that was at least six practice runs with structured feedback. The teams are ready for Tuesday. These interviews will be used by each team as they leave AcceleratorHK and take their businesses to the next level.

Lastly, we had Charlie Sheng from TechNode some in and interview all six teams for two stories, one that will be a write-up for startupshk and one for a story about Demo Day, AcceleratorHK, and the startup ecosystem for TechNode.

Stay tuned…. The following week will be the final week to prep for Demo Day, which is on August 13th. One more team released an MVP! Icevault, Offline storage for Online currencies.

You can easily sign up: a bitcoin address will be generated for you right away - and the private key securely saved offline and encrypted for you. We had a great mentor come in and visit us. Michele Leroux Bustamante came in and spent about an hour and half with each team over two days, plus sat in on the Friday check-in and provided valuable feedback to the teams on their presentations. Michele had her original flights rescheduled due to a foul up in San Francisco so she extended her trip until Saturday and we all got to spend a little more time with her.

That means she got to get down as the teams blew off some steam in LFK on Friday night. This coming week is the last week of the program! We will have five different people come in to spend time with the teams practicing their Demo Day presentations, all while trying to continue to build their products!

It is crunch time to say the least. See you all at Demo Day on August 13th! As the program is driving to the Demo Day finish line, we had an action packed week at AcceleratorHK! All six teams have an MVP that is up and running.

You can check out three of them here:. We also had Hristo Neychev come in and spend a few days mentoring with the teams. Hristo works at Telerik as the PM for Icenium and has a lot of mentoring experience with startups at Launchub , an accelerator in Bulgaria. He spend an hour or two with each team as well as extra time doing customer development of his own with the teams and other companies in Hong Kong using Icenium.

Hristo also mentors teams on startup presentations, so he worked with each team on their presentations for 30 on Friday before Prototype Day. This is different from each of the Friday check-ins that we do when the teams may present on what they have done the prior week or practice their investor or potential customer pitch that they may be doing that week.

We had five awesome mentors come on in to listen to the presentations and provide feedback:. The teams made pretty solid presentations and got a lot of feedback. Demo Day is only 2 weeks away and the teams should all be ready! Demo Day is August 13th, register here! See you all there…. We had another action-packed week at AcceleratorHK this week. Early in the week one team released their PhoneGap based cross-platform MVP and they win the award for being the first team to have an app on my phone.

Next we had mentor and angel investor James Giancotti come in and spend a lot of time with the teams. James has a large amount of experience advising early stage startups and was very helpful with the teams who are looking for funding just about all of them.

The Portuguese teams re-emerged from their near two week long code-fest to come by the Good Lab and, well, code. Paul did a going away farewell address to the entire Hong Kong Startup community.

It was a complete sellout standing room only! Members of cohort 1 and several mentors showed up and also got their tee-shirts. Paul also got several Hong Kong startups to commit to launch date, revenue, and other key deliverables in front of the entire community. Nothing like peer pressure! AcceleratorHK is moving right along. We are just over 4 week away from Demo Day!

The teams are hard at work with their MVP, prototypes, and betas. This week we had William Liang : co-founder at Grabbit and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Poly U , come in and spend 30 minutes with each team mentoring.

William always has great insights and this visit was no different than his visits to the past cohort and bootcamps. It was also a great week insofar as our long awaited tee-shirts have arrived! I ordered of each shirt, so of course we have extra for our mentors, as well as for our past graduates, as shown here. We are sure to have some left over at Demo Day if you come early. This week is a busy week with mentor visits and session by Paul about the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. We will also announce the logistical details for Demo Day later this week.

Stay tuned! One team took that literally and traveled to India to test their app with their target customer base. They also had time to take in the Taj this weekend. Another team is working on some pretty bleeding edge stuff so they decided to take over the inactive local meetup dedicated to the topic and hold an event.

There was a great turnout with lively debate and lots of customer development. Lastly, while we had no mentors and meetings planned this week, we did have one optional mentor visit Saturday with Paul Harris, an American based in Manila, who has been working and developing deep relationships with a large number of Philippine based startups from idea to mentorship and funding.

Since it was a low key week, Paul held court at one of our local bars and the teams came in and bought him beer and spend 30 or so minutes with him each. Then the rugby came on TV and that was the end of any business talk it is a British bar….

Yes we celebrated it on the 5th, kicked off the weekend! That means we are halfway to Demo Day! Mark your calendar. Everyone recovered from our field trip on Saturday to Shenzhen , and had a great week at AcceleratorHK.

We started off the week strong with a mentor visit from Jochen Kleef on Monday. Jochen has extensive experience in China and of course customer development and has always been a great supporter of the entrepreneurship ecosystem here in Hong Kong.

Then he met with the teams individually. We also had our last round of Pecha Kuchas on Tuesday. I did a pecha kucha on trekking to Everest Base Camp. One of the teams released a public MVP and some others are pretty close. Other teams were out speaking to potential customers and partners. Very good discipline in going out and doing customer development.

With Telerik's Q2'14 release of DevCraft they have introduced a wide New Visual Studio theme comes in three color variations: Light. User Name - Date: Scott Hanselman - 02/01/ .. I think @ shanselman has Skype running on that slick surface. I might have to friend-bomb A 5-minute overview of what's new in #telerik Q2 release. UZfR17Fl. ToString(); Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik Certified Scrum Master Active in the on target Increases the communication Reduces the red tape Use IM, Skype. Telerik controls q2 crack - Advanced systemcare serial oscar dsi games gratis downloaden microsoft; Office 10 activation download skype. New System Framework v or later; Microsoft Visual Studio or later. Starting from Q2 (v) Telerik.

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Also had this issue when I copied some text from my skype conversation to a Have you tried the new visualization options in Telerik Reporting Q2 ? We've just uploaded the Q2 Service Pack 1 of Telerik's controls and you can log into your Telerik's account and download it. Telerik Reporting Q2 SP1 - Telerik Reporting release note in detail. Check out full release history for more info about new functionalities. NET MVC Q2 js. First you need to copy the culture you need or if you need multiple ones just copy everything inside the Kendo version. Telerik has released an update to its DevCraft tools bundle. The additions to the DevCraft Q2 release improve the tools's "touch-friendly. Install this version with Unity Hub. net: Telerik UI for WinForms R2 SP1 ( (the software I used has not been updated for Office or Office ). so you fail to install Skype for Business Basic , If your license is Office standard , Telerik UI for WinForms Q2 (version ​. In this article, we will see how to create a Word-like software, using one of Telerik's controls for WinForms, i.e. RadRichTextEditor and C#. (Kunal Chowdhury); RadControls for Windows 8 Q2 SP1 – VS13 and Porting TeamPulse from Silverlight to HTML5 with Kendo UI (Yordan Skype Plans To Shutdown Desktop API by Year-End (Romin Irani); Code. This article describes how you can customize the default values (10, 20 and 50) of the drop-down list in the paging element of RadGrid.