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Watch the video. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. See the full list. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Angry Joe Plays Outlast w/ the HeeBeeJeeBee's!! Your email address will anno 1502 windows 7 be published. Hey Joe I just love your reviews and cant wait till u review outlast. Joe please play outlwst on ps4 so we can watch a live stream. Thanks, Shiz. It demonstrates how bros can bond even while traversing an accursed asylum. That and I find their commentary funny. Hello Joe, good evening.

Angry Joe & Other Joe HATE Insane Asylums & get the In between my Angry Reviews OtherJoe & I (along w/ many more AngryJoeShow. AngryJoeShow streamed for 48 hours in the last 7 days, averaging viewers On Tuesdays, AngryJoeShow often streams for 13 hours between 8 AM and 8 . We review video games. Angrily. AngryJoeShow YouTube · Angry Joe Twitter. Turn on Notifications. AngryJoeShow's Channel Trailer. Misadventures of. We review video games. Angrily. AngryJoe Vlog - Whats Coming Next Joe? AngryJoeShow · AngryJoeShow is (ALSO) on Twitch! Angry Joe Plays Outlast w/ the HeeBeeJeeBee's!!

angry joe show twitch outlast A highlight for us personally must have been at Pukkelpop in Same with Pursuit Grooves. The focus on this side of the world was admittedly drawn out,ast bias — I spent my formative years writing about, reviewing, and partying at festivals in the UK and Europe. This is now your fifth compilation. Angry joe show twitch outlast antithesis of a simulation game would be the arcade video game, which eschews real world modeling for gameplay purposes. More than one? Again, its a coping mechanism, also people are using this game as a scape goat for their general horror related frustrations. more information perfect world completo br AJS - HEY JOE WANNA PLAY COD ZOMBIES GAME?! Cold War Zombies PART 1 #SponsoredByManscaped! Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War | K views | 4 days ago. Watch AngryJoeShow clips on Twitch. Watch them stream Talk Shows & Podcasts and other content live! Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. A sequel, titled Outlast 2, was released in April Be kind to each other. Please follow Reddiquette. No advertising, selling, buying, trading, or begging for anything.

Giveaways require approval by the moderation team. Do not post excessive amounts of YouTube or Twitch gameplay. It's okay to be a Redditor who streams, it's not okay to be a streamer who occasionally posts. Official Outlast Facebook Page. Is anybody else disheartened by the negative feedback to this game? I watched AngryJoes review to this game and was completely dumbfounded as to how he could hate it so much! Was quite petty with so many points, and did the typical youtuber thing of trying to make comedy from everything.

Some of those bugs he had, you would never ever see if you looked to play the game as it was intended. Still, quite alot of people online are bashing the game which really surprises me, 'Not scary'? Like i actually hid alot in this game to get my bearings most times haha , but if you chose to play it like that, you would be rewarded, maybe i didnt have to run as much, because i was able to avoid enemies. Still, i really, REALLY, cant understand how people would not find this scary online not refering to the reddit community , i mean for ffs, those school sequences, especially the stairs and the Library moments, your introduction to a Heretic for the first time, it walking into your view just as your crawling on the floor.

Every moment Marta was their! The syphillis camp too, not knowing if you could walk past or if youll be attacked by all of them, and that section in the mines, the Mines was the scariest part for me, it was such a struggle for me.

I just hope this negativity surrounding the game wont affect sales, I'd love this series to continue, look what they did with this game with a bigger budget!

Imagine what they have planned for a 3rd game with a bigger one! I'v seen so many comments about people not wanting to buy it now because of the negativity, but this negavitiy is soo misguided, its kinda upsetting. What is everyone else's opinions to the negavitiy in general from reviews of this game? Do you thinks its unjustified, or they all have a point? I feel like most negative opinions are bad responses to realistic difficulty.

Hell most of angry Joe criticisms could be chalked up to his dumbass playing it on hard. Trust me, imagine playing it on a hard difficulty when your not super comfortable with the game mechanics? Do you think he really played Outlast 1 and its DLC multiple times?

Not to mention he praises outlast 1's ending and shits on outlast 2's ending for being so vague but outlast 1 had an ending just as vague. The moment he started complaining about how difficult it was after he showed that he selected hard difficulty was when I stopped taking his review seriously.

Exactly, not once when i died, did i feel it was due to cheap game mechanics. I feel that if the game hand held new players more, maybe they would appreciate the mechanics better? You shouldn't be rewarded for just running through enemies It's quicker and easier than hiding. I'm fucking tired of people demanding answers to the cryptic and ambiguous story. Seriously, why does everything have to be spoonfed to everyone?

When the credits rolled for Outlast 2, I felt confused but satisfied. The same thing happens with movies. Let's be fair here. Cryptic and ambiguous is not a defense. If there is something to be gained from the ambiguity, fantastic.

Silent Hill 2, for example, manages to have a coherent narrative and further build on it by leaving space for ambiguity regarding the nature of Silent Hill itself. Besides, Silent Hill is the most overrated series in horror. The voice acting is the scariest thing about it. The series was scary in In , it's unintentionally comedic and in no way scary or even thrilling. Would you have rather had it be the generic "Your wife gave birth to the antichrist and God brought forth the end times" type of plot?

Not me. Hints and layers that suggest otherwise? The game practically hits you with a goddamn brick informing you that this is more of the first game's magi-science. It just keeps trying to pretend otherwise. That's kinda what I'm getting at. It doesn't really require a lot of thought to figure out the actual plot. If you played the first game, you shouldn't even be considering the antichrist line of thinking. You should immediately be thinking "weird science.

Which is sort of my problem with the game's plot. I'm not really feeling the depth or need to use your brain. It presents its core elements as intriguing mysteries, but the answers are Basically the game uses hallucinations and weird imagery to create an illusion of depth, but, unless I seriously missed something my wiki perusal hasn't turned anything up yet , there's really not much that's actually there. You're free to think and feel that way, but considering the amount of posts in this subreddit, and online in general, that are like "what the fuck just happened?

I think too with this game, if you did played it repeatedly, more of the Story would open up to you, i think thats what the Developers were going for here.

I think its a brave approach, and it actually respects is audience alot. How often in games do you uncover the whole plot immediately? Way to much than is necessary, this game took a dark souls approach, which i like. Its kinda like a great song, the more you keep listening to it, the more you hear hidden nuance in a track and appreciate it more.

Its why you cant put it down after the first listen. I think great games share this approach too. Third person horror games are not scary. There's no way around it. At least not to me. I feel no tension or suspense when I can see the character I'm playing as in their entirety.

It takes away all sense of claustrophobia and immersion. Also, the voice acting is cringe-worthy in all of the games, especially the second one. People like to defend it as intentional because it "adds to the strange atmosphere of the game" but the reality is that it's just bad voice acting. Donna Burke even came out and said she's ashamed of her performance. Lastly, the combat is just garbage in all of the games. No other way to say it. It's stiff, awkward, and overall just not fun to play.

I mean I guess I can sort of see your first point but as you stated that's your opinion. Also the voices are intentional, I don't know why that's not an excuse. They weren't recorded badly, it was put in the game because they wanted it there and nothing really "hides it". They developed the characters and the voice actors at the same time and looked for a voice actor that 'fit' their characters since most of them are psychological damaged one way or another.

So most of the characters aren't even performances, they're just playing themselves. Also I have no idea where your getting this information that Donna Burke is ashamed of her performance since she still looks back fondly of her roles in SH2 and SH3.

With her role of Angela she IS supposed to sound like that, it's the only way for the player to be able to tell that something is psychologically wrong with her, and we are supposed to be able to tell that and it's not even just her voice. Her facial expressions and mannerisms all suggest emotional distance, people seem to take her awkward performance as bad acting and not just awkward.

And for the combat, many others and myself think it works just fine the way it is. This is what I mean when I say people like to defend the voice acting. It doesn't matter if the characters were made with the voice actors in mind, the voice actors just are not good.

The line delivery is terrible. It sounds so forced, fake, and cheesy. It's laughable. The actors didn't know how to deliver lines in an effective and dramatic manner. They're just robots. The voice acting in Silent Hill 2 is just as bad as it is in the original Resident Evil, and no one defends that game. There are many ways to portray emotional and psychological damage other than a cheesy, over the top, forced voice acting performance.

I have seen an interview with Donna Burke where she expressed distaste about her performance is Silent Hill 2. She never said anything about 3 though. I guess it really just comes down to personal taste I guess, thanks for the discussion honestly. Really opened my eyes on others' opinions.

Interactive heatmap of all AngryJoeShow broadcasts on Twitch with detailed statistics , , , , , AJ&OJ - Finish Outlast 2! AngryJoe's reaction to realizing that you have to play as a fridge. AngryJoeShow - The Last of Us Part II. 41, views - a month ago. Welcome to the Angry Joe Show Army! Joe can't stream every game, but our talented AJSA Stream Team covers a wide variety of games and. Angry Joe Show Twitch Outlast. Battlefront 2 Balanced matchmaking​! - Clipped by Atgamerzend. Angry Joe Show! Streamer daughter walks in on. Twitchmetrics · Emotes · Game Top Outlast II Clips. Most watched: All Time AngryJoeShow - Outlast II. 11, views - 4 We must Outlast this!!! miamalkova​.

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